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Simpatico Crypto

Blockchain Based

Cryptography has existed, in one form or another, for most of recorded history. We can see examples of such practices that stretch in complexity from very simple substitution ciphers to the fairly complex electromechanical machines that were used just before the invention of the first modern computing systems. Although such primitive cryptographic methods would not stand up under modern methods of cryptographic attacks, they still form the basis for our modern algorithms.” [ J. Andress, The Basics of Information Security, 2014 ]

Learning To Code

I initially built simpatico crypto on the  wordpress dot com platform, and completed the migration to a self hosted WP install at SiteGround in mid 2020.

Signal To Noise

The idea began with Simpatico.Crypto and Simpatico.Zil using Unstoppable Domains on IPFS – I wanted to build a brand for the crypto space that would allow me to write sense-making articles, which I was already doing on places like PublishOx, and as a way of starting my developer’s journey – trying to figure out where to start. 

I have moved away from writing about crypto and am more of a WordPress developer now. I began using the DIVI builder from Elegant Themes earlier this year, and I think it’s excellent. I may write more about this going forward. 

As I progress in my Web Dev courses and various other explorations, and when I have something to say, I write it up in Signal To Noise.

Code As A Whole

Now that I completed Stefan Mishook’s JS Fundamentals StudioWeb course and then the JavaScript for Blockchain course with Ivan on Tech, and have now spent many months enmeshed in WordPress, DIVI builder and theme from Elegant Themes, I am craving getting back to some more CS learning – PHP beckons!

The Coding Path

Reverse engineering is much of the battle. Why something does what it does can be revealed with enough effort of mind. Luckily I’ve been able to follow my heart and intellect into this vast computing landscape in which you never stop learning, but, tantalisingly, truth can be known.

Zen and the Art of Code

Knowing truth is compelling.

Art is nothing without craft.

And craft is nothing without dilligent, keen, right minded and patient practice.

Bitnodes Node Map

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