Cryptography, Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain

Cryptography has existed, in one form or another, for most of recorded history. We can see examples of such practices that stretch in complexity from very simple substitution ciphers to the fairly complex electromechanical machines that were used just before the invention of the first modern computing systems. Although such primitive cryptographic methods would not stand up under modern methods of cryptographic attacks, they still form the basis for our modern algorithms.

J. Andress, The Basics of Information Security, 2014

Blockchain Based

I initially built simpatico.crypto on wordpress dot com and have just completed the migration to my own hosted space at SiteGround.

The site serves as a portfolio for my Upwork profile and a space to experiment with images, bespoke CSS and JS, and creating templates.

The idea began with Simpatico.Crypto and Simpatico.Zil using Unstoppable Domains on IPFS – I wanted to build a brand for the crypto space that would serve as a broad sense-making landing platform as well as experimenting with decentralised landing pages and payment systems.

I’ve just launched ‘Cardano Foundry – a website and podcast.

Signal To Noise

Detailed articles about key blockchain projects, software, coding, computing & tech topics

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Cardano / ADA

Cardano Foundry – Forthcoming Podcast & Website From A.I. to DeFi and dAPPs

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