Kieran Alexis

writer, engineer, developer, creator

I initially built simpatico on wordpress dot com and have just completed migrating to my own hosted space at SiteGround.

I’ve just launched a website / podcast called ‘Cardano Foundry’.

I follow a wide variety of software / blockchain / ai related topics – for fintech, business and strategy, for education and knowledge as well as for creativity and expression

Some of my aims and goals with the original site;

– Writing about software, blockchain & computing with a wide remit

– To connect with future clients, developers, and readers

– As a portfolio and a springboard for other ideas

– To document my own journey into learning software and coding as well as infrastructure and development, and create helpful repositories of information as I go along.

– To talk about these subjects in a way that can be more easily understood.

– I might write occasionally about my digital audio projects – Harmonic Resonance Project and Earthjack. I still flex as a producer and mastering engineer and in my spare time, and am currently producing my first podcast.

– I’ll drop the occasional techno mix.

Ivan On Tech Academy

I have an expanding collection of certificates and qualifications in the blockchain space, viewable in the gallery below

Stefan Mishook

Web Foundations

I’ve also been busy working from the ground up with this great series of modular, foundational, full stack, front to back web developer package from Stefan Mishook.

You can see my ongoing progress at my studioweb profile.

  • HTML Foundations
  • CSS3 Foundations
  • Currently on JavaScript Foundations.
  • Looking forward to more PHP / LAMP

DSLs and Haskell

Of course, now I want to learn Haskell as well.

My initial goal was to become familiar with the various native languages that different blockchain projects had created so that I would be able to somehow work with smart contracts – Scilla by Zilliqa, Plutus from Cardano, Clarity from Blockstack (written in Rust), and Ethereum’s Solidity. I learned later that what I was calling ‘native language’ is better expressed as a DSL, or domain specific language.

“Simpatico” – (of a person) – Having a compatible temperament or pleasing qualities. quotations ▼

From simpatia (“sympathy”)ultimately from Ancient Greek σῠμπᾰ́θειᾰ (sumpátheia, “sympathy”, literally “suffering together”).