Web3 Now A Viable Reality

Metamask for both iOS and Android brings a vast new ocean of new possibilities for a range of Ethereum based infrastructure that is already very popular. With in-app access to a range of well-liked services, including Uniswap and CryptoKitties, and including a built in ‘browser’ for the decentralised ‘Web3‘ – using these services is now a viable reality for millions more users around the world. Dan Finaly, MetaMask lead developer, expands on this in a recent interview. Web3 is a little hard to define – I would say it’s more of an aggregate concept of newer web technologies than a specific platform or set of protocols. In a way, it has yet to be defined, and perhaps this is the killer app that will do just that.

I just installed it, and this is what it looks like – a pretty amazing range of services. Just as Apple brought together a number of extant technologies, blending and perfecting them into the iPhone, Metamask brings mobile access to an already mature and diverse range of services.

Ethereum Web3 Gateway: Browser & Wallet

Accessing the power of a mobile device is as much a matter of accessing attention. Whereas I have little time for many desktop apps, and I’ve never been able to really focus on games, it’s possible that even I might enjoy blockchain games/entertainments once they’re on my phone. This is one of the main aspects of Web3 – ease of access is everything, and for the first time, token life will be liberated from the desktop – at least the ERC-based aspects of it. Imagine the implications for the NFT market now that there is mobile access? The more I think about it, the more this is one of the biggest leaps forward this year.


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